Friday, 31 July 2015

Holiday Wear

I went to the Lake District for a week and here's what I wore (if you care)...

Top - Topshop (similar here), Cardigan - EAST Clothing (shop here), Skirt - ASOS (shop here), Belt - vintage, Shoes - Hudson Shoes (shop here)

One of the first outfits I thought to log was the above. Before I packed, I planned most of the outfits I would wear so I didn't pack pointless items that I would never put to use, but this one I ended up throwing together and fancying enough to take a pic. I'm wearing a pair of snake print booties Hudson Shoes sent me which I absolutely adore.

Dress - Alexa Chung for AG Jeans (new version here)

I won this dress in a Pinterest competition when the first Alexa for AG Jeans collection came out and I barely wear it. It fits like a dream apart from the bust area where one button looks just a little like it's clinging on for dear life. I wore it anyway...

Vest - ASOS (similar here), Sports bra and matching pants - Calvin Klein (shop here), Jeans - All Saints (similar here), Shoes - Topshop (shop here), Bag - Louis Vuitton (vintage)

Sunny days in Britain aren't easy cause we usually know all to well that the minute a cloud covers the sun, we'll be reaching for our scarves and a pair of socks regardless of whether we are wearing sandals or not. Jeans felt appropriate but for when the sun was at it's brightest, I played it safe in a ribbed crop top, with flashes of Calvin for a slice of cool.. lol. I liked the way the waistband sat neatly  (with a lot of constant adjusting) above the fray top, button-less and belt loop-less All Saints jeans (I got these in the sale so unfortunately they are no longer available :( )..

Dress - EAST (shop here), Cardigan - EAST (seen previously), Booties - ZARA 

   I work for artisan high street brand East and here I am in their stunning silk backless Virginia hankerchief dress. I've been dying for an opportunity to wear this anywhere other than work and my boyfriend's grandparents 50th wedding anniversary seemed like the perfect one. Mixing prints by teaming it with my favourite ZARA booties, I wanted it to look a little more quirky than it might have with sandals or basic heels. Also the cropped mohair cardigan provided the perfect amount of warmth for when the wind picked up.


(Other less-blog worthy outfit photos)

American Apparel swimsuit

For Love and Lemons crop top, One Teaspoon shorts, ADIDAS Stan Smiths

Monday, 27 July 2015

Neckin' It

A more notable trend of late - an upgrade from the recent revival of the 90's tattoo choker but a heck of a lot cooler...

1. The simple leather neck tie..

...wear it loose

or wear it tight.

Double wrap it..

And decorate.

2. The bandana (to be worn round the neck)

Casual, a la Bella Hadid in this super cool shoot.

With delicate necklace layering...

 again with perfectly layered jewellery...

3. Other (scarves, ribbon etc)...


I figured you may already have a stray bandana lying around your bedroom from that one time you dressed as a pirate for Hallowe'en but in case you want to go more upmarket, here's one by Saint Laurent (a mere £85... £90 if you include net-a-porter's £5 shipping charge) or just find one on ASOS..

Saint Laurent printed cotton scarf (£85) on

Jacquie Aiche for For Love and Lemons bolo tie choker  ($1250.. yes, that's $1250.00)

ASOS long skinny scarf (£8)