Monday, 27 July 2015

Neckin' It

A more notable trend of late - an upgrade from the recent revival of the 90's tattoo choker but a heck of a lot cooler...

1. The simple leather neck tie..

...wear it loose

or wear it tight.

Double wrap it..

And decorate.

2. The bandana (to be worn round the neck)

Casual, a la Bella Hadid in this super cool shoot.

With delicate necklace layering...

 again with perfectly layered jewellery...

3. Other (scarves, ribbon etc)...


I figured you may already have a stray bandana lying around your bedroom from that one time you dressed as a pirate for Hallowe'en but in case you want to go more upmarket, here's one by Saint Laurent (a mere £85... £90 if you include net-a-porter's £5 shipping charge) or just find one on ASOS..

Saint Laurent printed cotton scarf (£85) on

Jacquie Aiche for For Love and Lemons bolo tie choker  ($1250.. yes, that's $1250.00)

ASOS long skinny scarf (£8)


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