Saturday, 27 February 2016

Swimwear 2016..

Swimwear. Where do you even start? 

Safe prediction? No more Triangl nonsense. Please. I mean they're durable and kinda cool except for the fact everyone has one and their new releases look like Hollister's bikinis had a scuba update. My favourite pieces this season involve very expensive US based brands that I simply cannot justify purchasing because how many times is a Scottish girl gonna swim in the sea or a pool that isn't indoors? Maybe once on a week long holiday in Italy or a month in the States if you're lucky but I really don't swim or tan enough to justify an expensive costume. 

Having just said that however, ASOS have started stocking risky (and pricey) American brand 'Minimale Animale' which I found out today whilst trolling their 'New In' section (something that must be done weekly to keep on top of things) and Urban Outfitters just released a collection with Calvin Klein. Safe to say, both are pretty cool but swimwear never usually has a solid trend each year as all shapes and styles are acceptable in this day and age - one piece, tankini, bikini, cut out etc etc. I try to avoid trend buying when it comes to swimwear (aside from that Triangl purchase made on a whim two years ago) and go for something classic (and comfy where possible). Although if I had a body like Keller Rose to pull off Minimale Animale I would consider sacrificing both attributes. 

My holidays this Summer are not yet determined but I'm hoping for some excuse to buy the cool, chunky (my mind fails to think of a better word) orange Calvin Klein two piece that has just become available for pre-order on Despite this, I know loads of people with flights booked to majestic countries already so I hoped this blog post would maybe help them with their swimwear shopping because no matter how many times you tell yourself the expensive swimsuit you're about to buy is an investment and will last for years, you always end up wanting a new one every Summer.. Face it. 

Calvin Klein two piece. £69.

So the whole point of this post was to feature some of my favourite swimwear pieces available right now in the UK and I'm going to start with Minimale Animale..

Minimale Animale Swimsuit. £151. (£1 more.... really?!)

This girl is an awesome designer based right here in Scotland! Also, this bikini top would make a really cool crop top with some high waisted black skinnies, western buckle booties and lots of chunky silver jewellery... or anything really...

Simple is good. Simple is great. And it is also sexy.

That Colour!

And now if we're being a little unreasonable...

For Love & Lemons Two Piece. $230. Plus all those duties... 

Stone Cold Fox Swimsuit. £125. ITS LONG SLEEVED GUYS.

I hope I may have saved at least one of you the hassle of swimwear shopping this year/cut the ever long search shorter. I even stressed out just making this blogpost. Something I find even worse than swimwear shopping however is sandal shopping. How much of a nightmare was that when you were in high school? Thank God Birkenstocks are cool now. Although if I were you I'd hit up Whistles' latest suede update on their famous Rada sandals before they sell out for Summer.. The black ones have already gone!


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Winter (kind of) Fash : iPhone Edition

Bandana : Urban Renewal (similar here). Top : Aubin and Wills (similar here). Jacket : Topshop Unique (similar here and here). Jeans : All Saints. Boots : Dr Martens X Agyness Deyn. Bag : Louis Vuitton. iPhone Case : Stella McCartney.

Stupidly managed to assemble an outfit of things that are no longer available and post it online! However, I did a few eBay and Vestiaire Collective searches and found good matches for most things.


Monday, 8 February 2016

Thursday, 4 February 2016


When I first heard about Courtney Love's collection for Nasty Gal, I was intrigued. But not overly excited. When I first saw that puff sleeved 'babydoll' dress however, I was ecstatic. Like, OMG. Then it came in that princess blue colour and the incredible Purse n' Boots (Ashley Glorioso) styled it with fishnets, then I saw all the cute slips and that tutu dress and... well... Courtney, thank you. 

As I approached the collection online the day it came out, the majority of the collection was available in almost every size and of course, the babydoll dress was the first to go in my cart. I did have a bit of debate over which colour to get but black usually triumphs when I have a debate like this. I still had to get my hands on that unique Cinderella blue however so I bought one of the more affordable slips in that shade. Oops...
I wanted to get some super cool shots in these dresses so instead of leaving it to the self timer on my camera (or my reluctant boyfriend) to take the shots, I called in the help of photographer Ellie Clinch (Ellie Morag) who took some shots in the streets of Edinburgh and the grimy stairwell in my flat. I hope you enjoy the way I styled them..

**cute choker is in fact attached to the slip

I am wearing BOOTS, not tights.

Majorly regretting wearing ankle socks :/
**side note: slip and boots are a lot paler in person, this was a super pastel outfit!

I'm sorry that there are no pics of the slip in full swing but it was bloody freezing! I recently featured a back shot on my Instagram though (I posted that at the end of this blog post). I swooned over these boots when Charlotte Olympia first released them. The idea of over the knee lurex boots was almost too good to be true let alone the idea that I would ever own them. Costing around £400, there was no way a poor student like me could afford them but as the winter sales rolled in, I stumbled across them on Harvey Nichols and could not believe my luck. They have since sold out most places but are still available full price in black on Net-A-Porter and Agent Provocateur, who recently released their collection with Olympia and have stocked the stiletto heel version!

appropriate knee scab..

creepin'... as per

Nasty Gal X Courtney Love dress, vintage Schott 'Perfecto' jacket, Emilio Cavalli fishnets, ZARA creepers 

For this look I wanted to completely contrast with the last and go full on Hole with fishnets, leather and Edinburgh's most minging stairwell/balcony (my own). These awesome Alexander Wang-esque creepers I scored in the ZARA sale for £25 and unfortunately they are now sold out however there are plenty flatforms floating around ASOS and Underground London

Thanks for reading! 


More shots :