Sunday, 22 March 2015


To fishnet or fishnot? I felt a mildly compelling need this evening to write a blog post about fishnets to show my appreciation for them - in tight form, top form, shorts or other. 

Fishnets seem to have been lingering around helplessly waiting for their comeback to take off since 2010 but no-one, it seems, has given them a real chance. Anyone sporting a fishnet ensemble between then (2010) and now has either been a super cool ahead-of-the-times badass, a massive hipster, straight out the pages of the "retro" Teen Vogue issues that I still have sitting in my room or just plain weird. So in an attempt to raise recognition, I made a collage above of some 90's fishnet inspiration from super spunky Geri Halliwell to the always chic Claudia Schiffer to help you get in the spirit. 

Top left we see Shirley Manson in an outfit that wouldn't look much out of place on the streets today, if at all. I don't know many girls these days who wouldn't kill for a leopard print jacket like the one she's wearing and a lot of girls would quite happily sport this look today, including myself. Below her, queen of the fishnet trend, Madonna in a rad get up, swiftly followed by Geri in a more simple ensemble. Finally, Schiffer, making fishnet tights look less grunge and a lot sexier in a black mini dress with excessive gold chain detailing.

Here are more modern takes if you are still not convinced. And if these don't convince you, nothing will. Sky Ferreira is one of the previously mentioned 'bad-ass' trend setters that sported the fishnet style before it was cool and here she does it perfectly in a fitted fishnet top, layering a cropped tee over it for modesty. Below her, super cool model Agyness Dean in a 90's inspired shoot, hugging a bag of Cheetos because why not? To the right, a look from Balmain's SS11 catwalk complete with ladders, acid wash short shorts and embellished denim. And finally, Moss the boss, a woman after my own heart, sporting a fishnet dress at 37 years old.

I too have been (maybe not so successfully) sporting fishnets since 2011, which I didn't do for long until recently when I bought myself a Jonathan Aston pair and jumped back on the netted bandwagon, teaming mine with a new leather mini skirt I've grown fond of. 

*shudders* Here is 2011 me at the Insider festival. I'm wearing them with a vintage shirt, One Teaspoon vest and shorts, a Low Luv ring and Underground London creepers, a look I won't be revisiting any time soon..

Here's a more recent me, swagging the streets of Edinburgh up in my new fishnets which I have already managed to pierce a hole in. Please don't take my pose and the look on my face seriously.

Here I'm wearing a DKNY faux fur coat, vintage cashmere jumper, ASOS leather mini skirt and Toga Pulla booties.

And below, a look I wore for a night out - ASOS vest, mini skirt and Topshop heels.

I don't know if the above images have managed to convert you to fishnet life but if not, I have posted further inspiration below.. 

Live, love, life, fishnets <3

ZARA TRF's F/W 2014 campain.
Alice Dellal 


Krizia SS 14 left, Saint Laurent AW 15 right


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