Tuesday, 15 December 2015


I've been helping a few of my photography friends out recently with their uni assignments and stuff and I know every one of them is stressed as it's their last or second last year of university but it's great for the people they want to shoot cause um... free photos! On Monday, I got up before 12pm (I know right) to go do a shoot in Ocean Terminal with Marisa Bruce. Now I know what you're thinking... why?! Where are you going to shoot in Ocean Terminal without having BHS's christmas lights obstructing the view? Well luckily, Marisa knew a woman (also a photographer) who worked there and got us behind the scenes into the dusty brick stairwells. Everything was covered in dust or dodgy cables and fire hazard signs but it was a great backdrop for some super cool photos. I decided to put them up on the blog as a sort of outfit post, just with more than one outfit! Hope you enjoy and feel inspired. x

Vintage Acne shorts and River Island shoes.

Shirt by The Kooples. Flared jeans from ZARA (still available and only £25!). Choker by Vanessa Mooney.

Amazing jacket handmade by a fashion design student/blogger Lulutrixabelle. Her brand is called Fluffy the Label.

Head down brigade.

Brandy and Melville crop top (still available). All Saints jeans. Mules are Kate Bosworth X Matisse.

My face xo

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