Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Pink Dreamzzzzz

During a recent trip to TK Maxx, on top of an armful of heavily discounted Wildfox, Zadig et Voltaire and Moschino, I added this super cute Phoebe X Illustrated People pencil skirt before heading straight to the changing rooms... It was the only thing I walked out with. I'm quite often on the Illustrated People website but have never been keen enough to buy anything and I remember wanting this skirt when it first came out. Obviously after I found it for £16 at TK Maxx I had to have it. Apologies for choosing a pretty hard to find skirt however the Illustrated People website has hundreds of cute skirts that will fit you like a dream! Also, this fishnet top is my new staple. Not only is it perfect over a pretty bra if you're feeling daring on a night out but it also looks great layered under t-shirts - plus it's a steal at $16 (and they've got HEAPS of different colours)...

Fishnet Top : We Love Colors
(It's a beautiful baby pink colour!)
Skirt : Phoebe Lettice X Illustrated People 
(Phoebe is now IP's creative director so now everything is essentially Phoebe X IP!)
Chokers : ZARA 
(How cute are they?! They've disappeared online however I bought mine in store.)
Sunglasses : Ray Ban

I plan on replacing the precious Fenty creepers with some black pointed toe heels or my pink satin ballet platforms for a night out ensemble soon... YAY 

G x

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