Saturday, 2 January 2016



The American Apparel Julliard top : a favourite for a reason.. Just keep an eye on your boobs. 

A very faint glimpse at a super cheap body chain from ASOS that can make any outfit that little bit cooler.
I use MAC's 'Soft and Gentle' highlighter and I must admit it looks pretty damn good in this pic.
Top : American Apparel. Coat : Fluffy the Label. Flares : French Connection. Rings : The Great Frog (1 & 2).  Body Chain : ASOS. Necklace : Tiffany & Co. Shoes are Jeffrey Campbell taupe Lita's.. the only ones that were high enough to stop me tripping ;)

2016 will be the year of the flare for me. Wanna know a fun fact? I have worn a pair of flares every day in 2016 ( far ;) ). I brought in the New Year with a pair of pink sequin beauties courtesy of French Connection and spent the 1st in my favourite super flared ZARA Studio pair. I'm still in Shetland so New Years Eve was spent partying in a place called Nesting with the majority of my boyfriend's family and their friends and New Years Day involved a big meal with the family in Lerwick, the main town.

NYE, like Christmas, is usually laden with sequins and glitter lurex and layers of false eyelashes and so I felt no shame in going completely OTT in a 70’s pink pimp ensemble. Why not wear your huge pink fur coat with your pink sequin flares?? Also, they received heaps of compliments and are now half price in the sale (you're welcome). I hope you all enjoyed your New Years Eve, whether it was a quiet one or a messy one. 

NY -

Double buckle belts are great but super hard to find. I just pre-ordered B-Low the Belt's 'Bri Bri' model which is double buckle but not at all cheap. It will be worth it however as I wear this one all the time.

Yes I know this is a shockingly bad picture but it shows the neat fabric off well. Pretty much the same stuff your school trousers were made out of.

Top : American Apparel. Flares : ZARA Studio (no longer available :( but they have great regular black flares too). Belt : ASOS (similar here). Jewellery : same as before.

I took all but one of the above photos myself so I apologise for the quality. Does anyone else ever decide in the New Year that they’re going to be well dressed(/poised/mannered) every day of the year? I do. And it never happens. I’m even sitting in a pair of salt n pepper jersey flares and a stupidly large t-shirt looking like I desperately need a shower. Oh well.. 

Have a great 2016!


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