Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Recently, I was lucky enough to be contacted by lingerie website Yandy and told to pick out a few of my favourite pieces in exchange for some Pinterest action promoting their gorgeous new range of bras. It's always exciting when brands get in touch with proposals like this and of course I took the opportunity to indulge in more fishnet items... On top of a few really cute dresses, I also got this J Valentine light up coat (I would have photographed it in action but this is super hard to do when you're not a photographer and have no idea how to work your DSLR to the best of it's abilities...). I am currently awaiting an invitation to a rave to really put this awesome ensemble to use but for now I have been teaming this adorable cropped coat with high waisted skirts and jeans. 

A fishnet dress is a totally wearable piece in my opinion and I was worried this one might come up a little short but it was the complete opposite. This baby can stretch down to your knees and, believe it or not, it is super comfy. The lil tube dress I'm wearing under it is just $5(!!!!!) and feels as though it's almost made of swimsuit material. Great quality for the price.. plus it sits perfectly underneath the fishnet number. Both come in different colours so don't let the neon pink put you off.

The masses of pieces available on Yandy can be daunting but it is worth having a browse, plus the shoes are to die for...  A lot of pieces aren't for the faint hearted but I would highly recommend it for affordable undies and uber cool fishnet tops. More blog posts to come on my delicious goodies but for now, here are some more of my favourite pieces -

    J Valentine sequin mesh pants (um, OMG)                                            

Feathery marabou heels  (it would be rude not to..)

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